We are the only decarbonised data centre company that recaptures the heat your computing generates and repurposes it for social good, for free.

Latest News

Octopus investment pours £200m into data centre heat recycling firm

City AM, 15 January 2024

Octopus Energy has purchased a £200m stake in a UK firm that heats swimming pools using excess heat generated by data centres.

The investment into Deep Green was announced via the UK’s energy darling’s dedicated investment arm, Octopus Energy Transition Fund (OETF), in return for an undisclosed equity share.

Bright eyed boy swimming in a public pool

Photo by Frank McKenna on Unsplash

What we do

Cheaper and faster decarbonised compute.

We deploy data furnace technology into sites which require hot water, building vital compute infrastructure, whilst also providing significant additional, quantifiable ESG benefits.

How we do it

Metro-edge compute with heat recapture.

Using the latest immersion cooling technology we extract heat from our on-site edge micro data centres to provide hot water for swimming pools, housing and a range of other industries.


Compute that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our secure serverless cloud is faster, smarter and cheaper than AWS. It uses 60% less energy than conventional data centres – and it is carbon neutral (including Scope 3).

“Secure, infinitely scalable, carbon neutral edge compute – for half of the price of AWS with automated ESG reporting? Deep Green really is a no-brainer.”

FTSE 250 Chief Technology Officer.


We provide free hot water to swimming pools, district heating systems and other industries.

In exchange for hosting our kit and connectivity, we install free digital boilers alongside existing heating systems (and pay for the energy they use).