Computing comes at a cost.

High-performance computing (HPC) is indispensable in industry, from scientific research to business analytics. The potential of Artificial Intelligence has seen computing demand grow exponentially; the UK AI market is valued at over $21bn, and is estimated to grow to over $1tn by 2035.

However, conventional computing comes at an environmental and societal cost. The environmental impact of HPC extends beyond direct energy consumption to what is known as Scope 3 emissions. These emissions encompass indirect sources that are associated with an your business activities, occurring from sources not owned or controlled by you.

“But it’s not our problem, our computing is in the cloud, right?”

Wrong. It’s your Scope 3, wherever it is.

The right way to compute.

When considering your HPC strategy, your Scope 3 emissions will be significant due to the energy-intensive nature of computing processes. Deep Green’s four stage approach to computing can zero your Scope 3.


To paraphrase Peter Drucker, you cannot manage – and improve – what you don’t measure. So we start there.

Our estate – all the data centres and networks – are monitored for energy consumption using heat meters and smart PDUs. This enables us to recognise the impact of workloads, including yours.


The combination of our design, implementation and management of resources, from energy to cooling to hardware selections ensures that we reduce the impact of computing wherever possible.

For example, we reduce embodied carbon in our estate through when we deploy our data centres within the fabric of the existing built environment, minimising new material usage and reducing Scope 2 emissions for our hosts


We are committed to transparency and accountability in measuring and reporting our ESG behaviours and performance.

  • We monitor the carbon impact of our business, from Scope 1 to 3, using proprietary data managed in Greenly.
  • We report our impacts against the EU taxonomy.
  • We can also report directly to you, calculating the carbon emission impact of your workloads.


Where it is impossible or impractical to reduce carbon, we invest in removals, via our membership of the The Pond Foundation, at $120/tonne CO2-equivalent. We can extend our removals programme to your co-lo environment, when it’s hosted in a Deep Green Data Centre.

The benefit to you? Decarbonised high performance compute.

“Doing the E” is good. What’s “beyond good though?”

We believe business has an opportunity and responsibility to benefit society. By recapturing and contributing your heat to social projects, you are powering disruption in societal energy and heat economics and maintaining access to critical infrastructure for health and wellbeing.

Our ambition is to contribute heat to 1500 swimming pools within five years, using 300MW of decarbonised computing. Including yours.