Deep Green is part of a new wave of socially responsible businesses, looking to do right by local communities, the planet and our shareholders.

Global thinking. Local acting.

Data centres clog energy grids and represent 3% of global emissions. The world needs an alternative to centralised data centres which squander water and electricity.

Deep Green is the solution.

Our metro-edge estate captures up to 96% of the heat it produces, reusing it within the communities in which they operate.

Deep Green data centres

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Do you live in flats with communal heating? Do you swim in your local pool? If your job is to buy cloud services, get your company to switch. Make a difference.

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We all use large data centres via cloud services. Every Instagram picture and Google photo costs carbon. Petition brands to adopt Deep Green to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The energy crisis is pushing many pools and businesses to the edge of bankruptcy. Free heat from Deep Green can make the difference between staying open and closing.”

“We have to find cost-effective ways to maintain affordable access for the public and free heat from DEEP GREEN is a brilliant solution for the future heating of local community amenities.”

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