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With a network of decentralised data centres and our pioneering use of recaptured heat, we are ready to work with you to capitalise on the value of HPC and edge technologies.

Your clients need efficiency across their technology architecture and many of them will want to unlock the potential of new strategies utilising High Performance Compute and Edge.

You’re looking for differentiation to sustain and grow valuable relationships, and in every vertical and from consultancy to managed services, there’s a strong desire to act sustainably, with measurable impact.

Why partner with Deep Green?

Be more efficient.

We draw less power because we use thermodynamics to cool compute. Whether its co-lo or bare metal, and air cooled, DTC or immersed, we pass on inherent cost efficiencies to you.

Lower carbon.

With your environmental commitments and desire to operate within regulatory frameworks, we can report impact across workloads and our network, automating you and your clients’ Scope 3.

Have a positive social impact

We are the only data centre partner that harnesses your heat and deploys it into public swimming pools and other community projects. Every 200kW you contract saves a pool; social good you can really dive into. This is beyond good for business.

How we work with you.

One of the benefits of a distributed edge network and thousands of potential host sites is flexibility; we start where you – and you clients – are.

On prem and ready to optimise in a hybrid architecture?

Need near-perm with a zero latency fibre network?

In the Cloud and want more performance for a lower cost?

Want to place your workloads locally to contribute heat to a pool?

With hosts sites within miles and less of where you are, it’s all possible.

Ready to talk?

Answering your questions.

How much do you charge for your compute?2024-01-15T15:46:36+00:00

The applications are incredibly diverse so there is rarely a specific price. However, in general we are more affordable than comparable providers because our approach removes:

  • Expensive and energy intensive cooling costs
  • Land, planning, and construction costs
How do you eliminate the emissions associated with compute?2024-01-15T15:45:11+00:00

It is our intention to be lifetime carbon zero. We will always purchase fully renewable energy, REGRO Backed, or direct from renewable energy generators. For the small amount of carbon that we emit we will address by purchasing durable carbon removal credits.

Why is demand for compute rising? Why is this bad?2024-01-15T15:55:50+00:00

Demand for compute is increasing significantly, for so many use cases. Think content delivery to ethical production to AI. According to McKinsey, in the US alone, it will increase 10% year on year until 2030.

Yet the industry faces a number of challenges to meet it:

  • Data centres are energy intensive – between 20 and 60% of the energy required is for cooling – it is estimated that the world’s data centres collectively consume more energy than Germany as an entire country
  • Electricity grid connections are difficult to secure 10, as is the land required to build the facilities on.
  • Their energy usage, both to power the computers and to keep them cool, results in significant carbon emissions, c. 3% of all GHG emissions.

Our edge compute and heat reuse model reframes the economics and environmental challenges facing the data centre industry.


  • With a PUE of 1.01 it is amongst the most energy efficient data centres in the world
  • We give the heat clients’ compute generates to their local communities for free cutting their reliance on fossil-fuel boilers, saving them money and reducing their carbon emissions
How much carbon is saved compared to a traditional data centre?2024-01-15T11:12:41+00:00

We know that we have helped Exmouth reduce their carbon emissions in 2023 by almost 26 tonnes. At this stage we have not yet done the precise calculations* as to how we compare with other data centres, but with a PuE of 1.01 we know we are amongst the best in the world.

*and we will, shortly.

How does a Deep Green data centre reduce a hosts reliance on a gas boiler?2024-01-15T11:06:33+00:00

The host’s gas boiler will only ‘top up’ the temperature of the water when it hasn’t reached the desired temperature solely using heat captured from Deep Green’s unit. There will be times the gas boiler is off completely.

Which sites will Deep Green install in? Is it only pools?2024-01-15T10:59:36+00:00

We can deploy at a range of sites including public swimming pools and district heating networks. Pools were a good first use-case because they had a need for the free heat, space to host the technology and have a constant heat demand. We estimate that 30% of industrial and commercial heat could be supplied by Deep Green technology.

What is the cost of installing and running a Deep Green site? What does it cost the host?2024-01-15T10:44:50+00:00

There is no cost to the host to install a Deep Green unit. We fund the installation, maintenance and operating costs of each site, and the host receives the heat for free.

How quickly can a data centre be deployed?2024-01-15T10:36:18+00:00

We can deploy a data centre very quickly, within a matter of weeks. The trigger is demand from end users for the compute

How do Deep Green data centres work?2024-01-15T10:37:02+00:00

Deep Green’s data centres are specially adapted to re-purpose (rather than waste) the heat generated from the operation of their computers.

  • The computers are submerged in a tank that looks like a deep chest freezer.
  • The liquid in the tank (dielectric fluid) is circulated by pumps around the computers and is warmed up by their waste heat.
  • This heat is then transferred to the host’s existing hot water system via a heat exchange, bringing the cold water to temperature.
How many sites will Deep Green deploy in? Can you deploy in all pools in the UK?2024-01-15T10:39:41+00:00

Yes, with just 1% of the UK’s data centre demand, we could heat all 1500+ public pools in the UK. For free.

Why are Octopus Energy Generation managed funds investing in Deep Green?2024-01-16T10:39:27+00:00
  • Octopus Energy Generation managed funds are investing in Deep Green to accelerate the rolling out of our proven technology at scale; it’s a compelling proposition for both hosts and customers.
  • Demand for compute is increasing significantly, yet the industry is not set-up to meet it. Currently, data centres are energy intensive, in part to keep the computers cool. Wasting this heat is inefficient and results in significant carbon emissions.
  • Deep Green is a data centre pioneer that is deploying its immersion cooling technology in a way that completely reframes the economics, environmental challenges and capacity issues facing the data centre industry.
  • In reusing the heat (rather than deploying air conditioning or “opening the windows”) and supplying it to local communities for free, Deep Green creates a strong social good.
Why is your compute so cost effective?2024-01-15T10:39:25+00:00

It’s cost effective because we only draw power for compute, not for cooling; relatively simple thermodynamics save the “second electron” so we pass on energy savings to end customers.

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