How much does your current fossil fuel based heating system cost you every month? Deep Green can reduce it by 70%.

We supply and fit Deep Green data furnaces for free and pay for the energy they use. In return we ask for space for containers and sufficient grid and internet connection.

For those industries using large volumes of hot water – swimming pool owners, distilleries, large apartment blocks – Deep Green can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

If your grid or web connectivity requires upgrading, we offer low interest loans to cover these costs to make hosting a unit as easy and cost effective as possible.

What does Deep Green offer?

A free data furnace and installation

We supply and install Deep Green boilers for free (including the costs of integrating into your existing system) significantly reducing the capital cost of heating equipment.

Free Energy and maintenance

We pay for all the electricity our furnaces use – upfront – based on your existing /kwh charge. We pay for all maintenance and servicing of our kit meaning your ongoing costs are zero.

Reduce carbon emissions

By adding a Deep Green furnance into your existing heat infrastructure, you are significantly reducing your businesses’ carbon emissions and improving its ESG credentials.

“We would have had to close the pool if it hadn’t been for Deep Green.”

“With a Deep Green unit installed, an average 25m public swimming pool is saving nearly £7000 a month on their energy costs helping this important community facility stay open”

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How does it work?

It won’t surprise you to know that we get asked this all the time. The answer is in some pretty basic thermodynamics; a picture says a thousand words.

Picture of a Deep Green Furnace