Demand for compute is increasing significantly, for so many use cases. Think content delivery to ethical production to AI. According to McKinsey, in the US alone, it will increase 10% year on year until 2030.

Yet the industry faces a number of challenges to meet it:

  • Data centres are energy intensive – between 20 and 60% of the energy required is for cooling – it is estimated that the world’s data centres collectively consume more energy than Germany as an entire country
  • Electricity grid connections are difficult to secure 10, as is the land required to build the facilities on.
  • Their energy usage, both to power the computers and to keep them cool, results in significant carbon emissions, c. 3% of all GHG emissions.

Our edge compute and heat reuse model reframes the economics and environmental challenges facing the data centre industry.


  • With a PUE of 1.01 it is amongst the most energy efficient data centres in the world
  • We give the heat clients’ compute generates to their local communities for free cutting their reliance on fossil-fuel boilers, saving them money and reducing their carbon emissions