How do you use a Deep Green data centre to save your local swimming pool?

Thursday 29th, February
9am – 10.30am
The Loading Bay, 25 Luke St, London EC2A 4DS

Deep Green is a pioneering distributed data centre company who recapture the heat from compute, and contribute it to public swimming pools, for free. Octopus Energy Generation recently supported Deep Green’s mission with an investment of up to £200 million.

Join Deep Green and a panel of brilliant speakers for a morning full of opportunity, discussion and breakfast.

We’ll explore

Why saving the public swimming pools of the UK is critical for healthy communities.

The vision and purpose of Deep Green, and how and why it works for you.

The socio-economic and environmental benefits of circularity in infrastructure and technology.

How your business can generate measurable social good today.

The panel.

Georgia Elliott-Smith, Managing Director, Element 4
Mark Boost, Chief Executive Officer, CIVO
Tom Balkwill, Founder & MD, Dirty Looks
Mark Bjornsgaard, Chief Executive Officer, Deep Green
Philip Brownlie, Head of Public Affairs, Swim England

Further panelists and host to be announced shortly.

The place.

29th February, 2024

The Loading Bay

25 Luke Street London, EC2A 4DS

The Loading Bay is known its industrial design, ideal location in the heart of the London tech ecosystem and views over Mark Square.

We will share a light breakfast before taking our seats for a panel and guest conversation.

Let us about considerations for you attendance.