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  • Innovation Zero Event

    April 30, 2024

    Scaling innovation to lead the low carbon transformation

    Deep Green are attending Innovation Zero, the leading sustainability event & conference, at the end of April. Supported by the UK Government, Innovation Zero provides a meeting place for announcements, partnerships, deal-making, and collaborations for those who develop, produce, deploy, and fund low carbon solutions. You can also hear our founder, Mark Bjornsgaard, speaking in the Advanced Tech Forum on 30th April at 2.15pm.

  • AI and Beyond SkyNet

    Beyond Skynet - the exponential opportunities in the Rise of the Machines.

    We are riding the second wave of non-human intelligence, with the proliferation and integration of generative AI in everyone's lives. What are the implications on society and how do we best capitalise on the opportunity for the sustainability of the human race?

Previous Events.

  • The Loading Bay event February 29th 2024

    February 29, 2024

    How do you heat a public swimming pool using a Deep Green data centre?

    On the 29th of February, over 100 people gathered to hear our CEO, Mark Bjornsgaard describe Deep Green's ambitions, and then a fantastic panel discussing the responsibilities of business in the climate emergency.

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