The right way to compute.

The growth of demand for computing is predicted to grow three times by 2030. The growth of compute for AI learning alone doubles in growth every six months – or faster.*

Compute generates heat, and this is an opportunity. We are the only data centre company that recaptures the heat your computing generates, and contributes it to public projects, for free.

The use cases we serve.

AI compute GPU

AI compute

HPC & Supercomputer

HPC & Supercomputing

Hybrid & Private Cloud

Hybrid & Private Cloud

Enterprise Workloads

Enterprise Workloads

It starts where you are.

Our edge data centre estate features hundreds of sites, scaling from 200kW to 5MW+, configured to meet the individualised requirements of our clients and partners as colocation and bare metal, with T3 resilience and hyper connectivity.

The benefits to you.

Cost effective

With innovative use of thermodynamic cooling, computing with Deep green costs less, for you and the planet.


Carbon reduction is critical to your business so we make it ours. Our compute can zero your Scope 3, reported in real time.


Our distributed network provides near-zero latency, so you can put your computing where it matters, for you and your communities.

An ecosystem of deep Partnerships.

Computing on Deep Green Green technology will always be part of a bigger picture, of partners and their innovative software, platforms, hardware, systems and processes.

From Consulting to Managed Services, the solution starts where you are.

How Deep Green data centres work.

Our technosphere connects state-of-the-art high performance computing clusters, with renewable energy and batteries, to local heat users like public swimming pools.

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