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AI compute

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HPC & Supercomputing

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Hybrid & Private Cloud

Enterprise Workloads

Enterprise Workloads


AI compute refers to a cluster of cards all working in concert with one another to solve one problem. We provide powerful clusters of GPUs and CPUs, configured for the high performance demands of supercomputing. Once the learning’s done, AI inference needs to be super-fast; enter Deep Green’s distributed Edge Data Centres with resilient hyper-connected networking.

The benefits to you.

Cost effective

With the flexibility to combine colo and bare metal services and below market /KWh rates, we ensure AI compute affordability.


Carbon reduction is critical to your business so we make it ours. Our compute can zero your Scope 3, reported in real time.


Our distributed network provides near-zero latency, so you can put your computing where it matters, for you and your communities.